The story of Tiger's knees actually started in 1994 when he had surgery to remove a benign tumor in his knee. He was still playing at Stanford University as an amateur then. According to doctors; this was probably a meniscal cyst which is like a bubble in the meniscus; a crescentic shape half ring of cartilage that acts as a shock absorber in the knee and add to its stability. The treatment is to clean it out or remove it.

Tiger Woods turned pro in 1996. He went through the next 6 years in a glorious run that culminated in the tiger slam in 2000 to 2001. In 2002, though, the same left knee started giving him problems. Despite his condition, he won the masters and U.S. Open as well as four other tournaments that year. After winning the tour championship, Tiger Woods was examined and treated with ice and anti inflammatory drugs. Tiger Woods underwent arthroscopic surgery - December 12 of 2002. When Tiger Woods turned pro in 1996, he weighed 70.4 kg. Aware that his ability to generate massive club head speed put his joints at risk of injury and wanted a complete swing that maximized the large torque-producing muscles of his body; Tiger made it a priority to bulk up.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great place for a golf vacation. Many activities for other members of your family to do if they don't play golf. You can be guilt free while your family shops or visit one of the many local attractions. Vacations for golfers, particularly in Las Vegas are considered to be right up there with the best the world has to offer. With its magnificent hotels and spectacular golf courses, Las Vegas is the ideal place for you and a few fellow golfers to enjoy a vacation.

Las Vegas has some of the nations most beautiful and lavish golf courses and has some of the best designed golf courses that have been created by some of golfs greats. There are both public and private courses for your enjoyment. You can find courses that will work with whatever your financial circumstances are. You should bring your best clubs along with you though you can rent clubs at the golf course if you decide not to bring your own clubs. Special offers are made during non-peak periods. A recent discounting technique introduced is the discount golf certificate. There are scores of tour operators to make golf facilities available at reasonable rates. They provide the service of a caddy or professional staff to assist golfers of any level. There are several professional golf courses in Las Vegas from which you can choose. You can also reserve a tee time right from your pc online at any of the Las Vegas golf courses.

Titleist 909 drivers

Titleist really gets the old line about different strokes. Its hot new driver family includes three distinct models, the 909 D2, 909 D3 and 909 DComp. Each stick has a milled trapezoid face insert , thickness in the middle and thinner around the perimeter, to maximize ball speed across more of the face. A blind bore hosel combines with small, stiff ridges inside the head to promote crisp acoustics and feel.

The 909D2 features a tour proven, modern profile that creates a low and deep CG for reduced spin, higher MOI, and longer, straighter drives. With a full pear profile and 460cc titanium construction, the Titleist 909D2 is a high performance driver delivering mid launch with low to mid spin.

Titleist 909D3 is a high performance driver delivering mid launch with low spin. The 909D3 features a tour proven, modern profile that creates a low and deep CG for reduced spin, higher MOI, and longer, straighter drives.
This driver features a 404cc head in a classic pear shape but Titleist says you still get all the benefits of the geometric drivers, with a low and deep center of gravity and a high moment of inertia. Titleist says, "will produce reduced spin, and longer, straighter drives".

The composite crown and tuned sole of the 909DComp, which includes optimized pockets and an internal rib for reduced vibration, deliver a tour validated sound and feel. An integrated titanium blind bore hosel design saves weight, provides solid feel, and allows for more shaft options. It has a curved sole with optimized pockets and internal rib reduces vibration and provides solid feel and better sound and integral titanium hosel design saves weight, provides solid feel and allows for more shaft options.

golf swing

When planning to take up golf swing training, two options are available in the market , manual trainer who provides you golf swing training and a golf swing trainer, an electronic device that provides you with golf swing training. Expert swingers are available in the market and they could really help you improve with your golf swing. Nothing beats real time training with an expert golf swing trainer helping you improve your swing, but generally the cost of such specialized golf swing training programs is pretty high. When expensive golf swing training is not the choice the better option is a golf swing training device. Golfers feel that golf swing training devices are also effective way in improving the golf swing skills even if not up to the mark of a professional trainer. A good golf swing trainer helps one achieve this muscle memory wherein the perfect swing becomes habitual and it becomes a part of the golf player. The next time the golf player swings, the person would swing the same way without any voluntary efforts. Some golf swing trainers are contrived with exercise cords that not only strengthen the player’s muscles but also maintain the swing of the golf player in the correct plane. There are some other golf swing trainers that focus on the posture of your hands and legs. Some of the golf swing trainers have all these features and as with any item, the cost decides the package offered.

Not all golf players have problems with their swing and in fact not all problems in golf swing are the same. So it is important to locate the proper type of golf swing trainer when opting for golf swing training. In general it is better to get advice from a pro before acquiring a golf swing trainer. Whichever golf swing training aids you select is totally up to you and your coach, should you have one. Of course you must practice. No training material will serve if it is just in your golf bag or at home. Material is available for every phase of your swing. Footprints to fix your stance, alignment trainers, and even special golf balls for practice can be used. You can also visit a golf gym to improve your swing while indoors and bring a metronome to time your swing for just the right moment of impact. There are many training packages as well for more than simply golf swing assistance.

You understand the basics... how to hold the club, where to stand, but things go wrong from there. The reason your golf swing goes astray when you take your club back is because your bio- mechanics are faulty. An Example, if you have a functional short leg on your left side, when you take your stance your hips will rotate resulting in an open stance. You might think that you are square to the target line, but your'e not.

There are many self help books out there. Stick to an instructional book that is simple and easy to understand and straight forward. Preferably with pictures so you can visualize the swing you need to carry out. Most blade chips result from trying to get the ball up in the air. The left wrist breaks down and club head passes the hands prematurely. Keep your left wrist firm as you make a normal chip.

There are also golf swing training aids, such as the golf swing trainer, that are designed to keep your golf swing on one plane. This is an easy way to practice the one plane golf swing at home with minimal expense. You just need to have time in training.

Finally, another training aid is that making sure you are properly balanced throughout your swing. You do this by placing a quarter on your front shoe. If you are properly balanced with a one plane golf swing, the quarter should remain on your shoe throughout the swing.

Tiger Woods

Birthplace - Cypress, CA
Birthdate - December 30, 1975
Height - 6'1
Weight - 185 lbs

He won four of six starts, including a victory at the U.S. Open before ending his season with knee surgery.

Only child of an African-American Army officer father and a Thai mother. His father began calling Woods by the nickname "Tiger" in honor of a fellow soldier and friend who had the same nickname(moniker). Woods learned to play golf as a child. His father, Earl, served as his teacher and mentor. Around the age of eight, Woods had become extremely proficient at the game.

He studied at Stanford University, and won a number of amateur U.S. golf titles before turning pro in 1996. Woods shot to fame after winning the U.S. Masters at Augusta in 1997 with a record score of 270 at the age of 21. Woods was the youngest man to earn the title, and the first African-American to accomplish this. Since turning professional in 1996 Tiger Woods has won millions of dollars but his other income is pretty impressive with big name endorsements.

Golf Players Profile

Dustin Johnson

Birthplace - Columbia,
Birthdate - June 22, 1984
Height - 6'4

Weight - 190 lbs

PGA tour rookie Dustin Johnson made the cut in 17 of 30 starts, finishing No. 42 on the money list, and won for the first time.

Brian Gay

Birthplace - Fort Worth TX
Birthdate - December 14, 1971
Height - 5'10
Weight 155 lbs

He earned first career PGA TOUR victory in his 23rd career start on the PGA TOUR at age 36 years, 2 months and 11 days at the mayakoba Golf classic.

K.J. Choi

Birthplace - Wando, South Korea
Birthdate - May 19, 1970
Height - 5'8
Weight - 185 lbs

at the age of 37, K.J. Choi captured his seventh career victory.

Stewart Cink

Birthplace - Huntsville, AL
Birthdate - May 21, 1973
Height - 6'4
Weight - 205 lbs

Sergio Garcia

Birthplace - Castellon, Spain
Birthdate - January 8, 1980
Height - 5 ' 10
Weight -160 lbs

at the age of 28 and in his 10th season on the PGA TOUR, Sergio Garcia recoded his seventh career victory and made his fifth appearance in the Ryder Cup.

J.B. Holmes

Birthplace - Campbellsville, KY
Birthdate - April 26, 1982
Height - 5 '11
Weight - 190 lbs

He finished a career best 32nd on the money list to break the $2 million dollar barrier for the first time.

Padraig Harrington

Birthplace - Dublin Ireland
Birthdate - August 31, 1971
Height - 6 '1
Weight - 196 lbs

After successfully defending the Open Championship in 2008 and adding the U.S PGA Championship three weeks later, Harrington decided to try to improve his swing to become an even better player.

Ernie Els

Birthplace - Johannesburg, South Africa
Birthdate - October 17, 1969
Height - 6 '3
Weight - 210 lbs

One of the Worlds true global golfers with more than 50 worldwide career victories.

Ryuji Imada

Birthplace - Mihara Japan
Birthdate - October 19, 1976
Height - 5'8
Weight 150 lbs

Ryuji Imada had the best year of his career, with his first victory coming at the AT&T classic, 2 runner-up finishes and approximately $3 million earnings. " I never believed in destiny," Ryuji Imada said. "but im
starting to believe it"

Greg Kraft

Birthplace - Detroit, MI
Birthdate - April 4, 1964
Height - 5'11
Weight - 190 lbs

Kraft has played in both the Nationwide Tour and the PGA Tour. He had victories at the Northeast Pennsylvania Classic in 2005 and the Puerto Rico Open in 2009.

Justin Leonard

Birthplace - Dallas, TX
Birthdate - June 15, 1972
Height - 5'9
Weight - 170 lbs

Justin recorded his 12th career victory and played an integral part on winning U.S. Ryder Cup Team.